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Auckland Property Mentors is a 10-month programme where you are mentored by an expert property coach. APM will help you with:



The first step is to work out a property investment and/or trading strategy to suit your personal circumstances. 


Once your strategy is set, we'll help you to set your buying rules, which will make your purchase decisions much easier.

Due Diligence


Before you buy you need to consider:

  • comparative market analysis

  • yield analysis

  • physical issues (leaks,flooding, methamphetamine contamination, etc)


APM will help you tick all the boxes as part of your due diligence before purchasing.

Support Network


APM will be your coach, but we'll also help you to build your team of professionals.


These are people you'll use regularly when purchasing or selling property, and can include accountants, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and more.

Adding Value


Adding value is the main goal of Auckland Property Mentors, as that's where wealth is manufactured.


APM will help you assess potential for adding value, including renovations, subdivision, land banking and development; and introduce you to people who can help you through those processes if necessary. 


Finding (& Buying)


Knowing which property to buy is critically important.


APM will help you to find suitable properties, make sure they fit your buying rules, and even assist you with the negotiations to purchase them at the right price.

Selling or Renting


Once you've purchased and added value, APM will guide you through the selling process (if you decide to trade) or help to arrange tenants and organise property management (if you decide to hold).