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About NZ Property Mentors

NZPM was founded by Matthew Gilligan (managing director and property partner at Gilligan Rowe and Associates) and Tua Saseve (expert property coach and qualified valuer). Both are active property investors with a wealth of experience. Our philosophy is to help people succeed in building wealth through property, and we get a real kick out of watching our students thrive and achieve their goals. 


What makes NZ Property Mentors different?

Unlike many other property mentors, at NZPM we don’t just tell you what to do – we teach you how to do it, so you have the ability to continue your property investing on your own once you leave the programme. 

  • We don’t provide you with numbers – we show you how to work them out. 

  • We teach you how to use a sales evidence approach, so your decisions are based on facts. 

  • You will learn skills that are transferrable to other locations, so you don’ have to stick to suburbs that are over-saturated with other investors. This means you can operate in areas with less competition. 

  • We teach you about the property market and how to adapt to the different stages it passes through. In a cooler market (which we are experiencing now), it is a lot harder and it’s essential to be careful and get your numbers right. We are seeing many ‘experienced’ investors and traders getting it wrong – and being surprised about it. It’s easy to make money in a boom, but those without a deep understanding of property cycles and the numbers can find themselves in trouble during a downmarket. However, with the right knowledge and skills, the downmarket presents fantastic opportunities for astute investors and traders. NZPM will teach you how to operate successfully in all stages of the property cycle.  

We don’t sell properties, either – you pay our coaches for knowledge and guidance, and that’s all. They don’t earn any sort of commission on property sales, so you know you are getting impartial advice from people who are experienced and successful in the game. 



Most importantly, Matthew and Tua are real property experts. They haven’t just successfully purchased one or two properties – they have multiple property transactions under their belts, and have made profits that are actually worth talking about. Between them, they have helped thousands of people succeed and build wealth through property. They walk their talk and know what they are doing. This is what makes New Zealand Property Mentors leaders in their field, and you can rest assured you are in safe hands.


Tua and Matthew's combined experience allows NZ Property Mentors to:

  • Identify potential that others frequently miss - this can be the difference between making $50,000 and $500,000

  • Quickly identify issues that would make a property unsuitable, which prevents you from making costly mistakes

  • Understand the property cycle and know which strategies work in each of the phases it passes through

  • Know which strategies and which areas don't work

  • Adapt to the changing environment, including new regulations, taxes and changes in the economy and property cycle

Meet The Team

Tua Saseve

Director and Mentor,
NZ Property Mentors Ltd

Tua served as a New Zealand police officer for 10 years, before completing a Bachelor of Business (Valuation). While working for QV as a valuer, Tua discovered it wasn’t a career path he wanted to pursue long term. He found the property investment path much more exciting (while still allowing him to apply his valuation skills), so he began building his portfolio and trading property.

Understanding the benefits of having a mentor, Tua joined Property Tutors as a client and three years later was one of their best coaches. Now he is head mentor at NZPM.


Not only has he facilitated his clients’ success in investment and trading, he has a reputation for treating them with the utmost respect. He firmly believes that encouragement and support are just as important as knowledge and experience when it comes to being a good mentor and getting tangible results.

Matthew Gilligan, CA

Managing Director,
Gilligan Rowe and Associates LP

Matthew Gilligan is a chartered accountant and managing director of Gilligan Rowe + Associates LP. He heads GRA’s specialist property and asset planning division, helping
clients build wealth through property and create optimal tax structures.


As well as being an expert in tax and asset protection, Matthew has extensive knowledge and experience in the property market and has been involved in this area for over 20 years. Matthew practices what he preaches – he is currently involved in over a dozen property developments, including subdivide-to-build, subdividing and relocating houses, as well as holding an extensive buy-to- hold portfolio of over 25 properties in the Auckland market.


A great believer in sharing knowledge, Matthew is a well-known speaker on tax planning and property investment, author of two books (Tax Structures 101 and Property 101), runs property investment education programmes and writes a regular blog.