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Do you understand the theory of property investment but are unsure about how to put that into practice?
Would one-on-one coaching with an experienced mentor, who is active in the market, reduce your risk and give you the confidence to take action?

We understand that getting started (and staying motivated) in property investment can be a daunting prospect. Education is a great place to begin, which is why GRA run their 7-week Property School course. But even with a good education, many people get stuck. Fear of making a mistake, fear of losing money, a lack of confidence, uncertainty about how to start, and feeling overwhelmed are common reasons that people don’t take action.


Sitting with a head full of knowledge is not going to create the future you need. Most people want to build wealth for themselves and their families – to provide their kids with a great education, a step onto the property ladder and a nest egg, and to live a life and retirement on their own terms without being a burden on anyone else. And property investment is a great way to do that. But if you are frozen by inaction, what will your future really look like? How will you be able to help your children if you do nothing?


If you have an experienced mentor to guide and support you every step of the way, it’s a whole different ball game. That’s why GRA created NZ Property Mentors (NZPM).




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In this 10-month mentoring programme NZPM will help you:
  • Choose your strategy

  • Build your team

  • Set buying rules

  • Find suitable properties

  • Go through due diligence

  • Add value to your purchases

  • Help with negotiations

  • Help to arrange renovations

  • Guide you through the buying and selling process

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Kick start your property journey with our 10 month mentoring programme